Thursday, 7 April 2011

Backstage with CarrieMe

How exciting, CarrieMe's first photoshoot, taking the CarrieMe brand to the next level.

Rather daunted, the CarrieMe set out ot cast the models, to style the perfect outfits, to find a good photographer, the perfect location, the right props ... and of course to cope with the inevitable last minute hiccups like suddenly having to find a replacement model and make-up artist 48 hours before the shoot!

.... However it all came together last Saturday and it was so exciting to see how the models interacted, how each outfit was styled, the different angles the photographer took and of course, to see my collection being centre stage!

Taking our inspiration from the current colour blocking trend at the moment, we had fun clashing bright colours and introducing more classical evening dresses too - showing how versatile the CarrieMe collection is, working brilliantly across different styles.

What a fun day, bringing together a team of talented women to make it all happen - watch this space to see the new brand shots!