Monday, 21 February 2011

Feel like being colourful?

Spring is just around the corner and the fashion trends this season couldn't be more exciting. 
Christian Dior

My favourite trend for spring/summer 2011 is the bright coloured separates trends seen all over the catwalk from Christian Dior to Gucci.  This trend is all about mixing and matching bright colours in one outfit.

Christian Dior

Marc Jacobs
 And Issa is particularly hot on Kate Middleton's favourite colour - royal blue.

Its not only the frocks that are bright this season, you can get it on trend with brightly coloured accessories and makeup.

Bright make up looks

Marc Jacob accessories

Christian Dior Shoes


To go with your gorgeous bright outfits and handbags this Spring why not get a CarrieMe bag hook and key finder to match from our bright collection in different styles!

I'm definitely a fan of the brights trend this season, let me know what you think of this trend.

Love Carrie xx

Which is your best dressed actress at the BAFTAs?

February hosts this year's most anticipated red carpet moments ... but I always like to star spot at the BAFTAs.  In 2011, The Kings Speech dominated across the board winning over half of their nominations including Best Film and Colin Firth won best actor- just the ticket to restore confidence in the British film industry. Others did get a look in too though, David Finch won best director for his Social Network film and Natalie Portman got best actress for Black Swan.

Now the After Party is where the celebs get to relax and I get to have a closer look at their gorgeous fashion choices. Colour was definitely this year's theme and since CarrieMe adores the use of bold colour, I wanted to highlight my favourite looks.

Royal Blue - made fashionable again by Kate Middleton's engagement ring and dress, was quite popular on this year's red carpet with a more youthful pop of electric blue visible on Gemma Atherton.

Pinks and nudes also made a splash - this year we saw chiffon texture and floral prints making a come back, perfect for Spring.

Reds and oranges are never in short supply at award ceremonies.  This year we saw a modern take on retro glamour with clever cuts and bold prints, and gold detailing in the accessories department to enhance the Hollywood look.

Black - the ultimate red carpet staple is never far from view.  New to the industry, 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld was spotted in black Mui Mui - with a fabulous vibrant purple clutch, which we at CarrieMe love.  Eva Green also caught our attention with her vivacious red lipstick against her pale complexion, portraying a dark and mysterious Gothic look.

Which actress gets your vote for best dressed?  Let us know and also your favourite looks in each category.... I'll reveal mine next week!

Love Carrie xx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How embarrassing!

My last blog post just brought back a lot of embarrassing memories of me looking for my keys. Way before the CarrieMe key finders came along I’d been on a few dates with this guy I really liked and when he walked me back home disaster struck…. I couldn’t find my keys!! I tried reaching into my favourite huge oversized bag in the most lady like way possible a couple of times to no avail so ended up with all the contents of my bag on the floor before I finally found them.  Not the prettiest of sights.  Lets just say he didn’t ask me out again!

Another rather memorable moment was when I returned soaking wet and furious after a trip to the local Tesco’s.  It was still pouring when I returned to my car laden with shopping bags and armed with an umbrella, but as I rummaged around in my bag in vain for my keys, I let slip one side of the flimsy plastic bags, and the whole thing crashed to the floor including the yummy looking bottle of Merlot which I’d bought for a cosy dinner that evening!  Double whammy when I couldn’t find my keys, as I returned absolutely drenched and without the Merlot, I was not popular when I got home.

A friend of mine had a similar experience with the rain but I think hers trumps mine any day. She was taking a team of wealthy VIPs round a property they were interested in investing in, but unfortunately returning back to the office, she had completely buried the keys somewhere in the depths of her bag.  Frantic searching whilst trying to look calm and collected just did not work.  She ended up emptying the contents of her bag on the floor and trying to hide the most cringe worthy items left over from a heavy week of partying. How she managed to close a deal with those clients is still quite a shocker.

Let me know your embarrassing key stories!

Love Carrie xxx