Tuesday, 18 December 2012

CarrieMe Eyeskate this Christmas!

Fancy doing something different this Christmas? Head over to London's festive Southbank for a ice skating session with spectacular views. 

The EDF Energy London Eye are currently hosting the Eyeskate event of the season whereby there is a picturesque rink that allows you to skate in the shadow of the well known landmark.  The CarrieMe team are having the Christmas outing to the rink and are all excited as tonight is the night!

We all know we won't be anywhere near as good as the pros pictured above but falling over is half the fun of trying. There is a prediction that our faces will be sore from so much laughter.  The PR intern here at CarrieMe used to take ice skating lessons so she is the one to watch!  If you are stuck on ideas of festive places to go with friends or somewhere to tire out the children then Eyeskate is perfect! 

Remember to buy online to save 10% as we all know that every little helps!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Photographing the new CarrieMe Sensory Artists Collection

The new CarrieMe Sensory Artist Collection is launching soon .... fusing fashion with art, CarrieMe are breaking new boundaries in the accessories market, transforming original art forms into collectable items and allowing you to carry a piece of original art with you wherever you go.

Working with two emerging artists, David Charles Williams and Darren MacPherson, CarrieMe have developed a Collection of original, hand painted bag hooks and finders, meaning that no two products will be the same: originality and functionality have created something beautifully useful indeed.

Today was the photoshoot at IceTank Studio. Lovely and local in Tottenham Court Road it was a fun but busy day getting all the product lined up and looking beautiful for the camera.

Chris our photographer was a star, working swiftly and producing gorgeous shots - can't wait to see them live on the website ....oh and we'll be posting some to Facebook too on our launch day!  So watch this space for the new CarrieMe Sensory Artist Collection!

Friday, 14 December 2012

What will you be wearing next season?

We've reviewed the fabulous colours that will be coming up next Spring and Summer, but what textures or materials will we be wearing?  After the aggressive studs this year, we're hoping for something soft and light.

Versace's on trend Colbalt blue dress, is all about the black lace detail. Intricate and delicate yet adding a touch of high fashion, it's perfect for the hot summer evening,  So show your sassy side, and strut the dance floor with attitude.


After a night out, take a more demure, lacey look in  Valentino's white lace dress - perfect for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. We love the vintage yet chic feel. The light weight lace, is perfect for the warm summer days.


If you are looking for that extra va va voom, look no further than the flamenco inspired ruffles on velvet show cased by Balenciaga. The extra movement created, will ensure you will be adding that extra bounce to your Salsa steps. We love how the tropic inspired pink pops against the black peplum ruffle construction.

Here, at CarrieMe, we definitely want to be showered with floaty emerald tones. We chose Gucci as our top pick. The emerald green in line with the 1970's inspired ruffles, created the perfect feminine look. The ruffles added depth  and texture to the straight flowing dress -  what more could we ask for?


What will you be picking next season? We would love to know your fashion must haves for next season.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What colours are in your wardrobe next season?

With the Big Chill on its way and dark evenings, we're already dreaming about longer brighter days, the sea, sunshine, Spring, Summer and of course what's next for Fashion.

September's catwalks got us in the mood, with the amazing choice of vibrant colours as well as delicate pastels, and the colour experts at The Ultra Bright, definitely think its going to be a bright season... so its all go here at CarrieMe to see what colours are hot for next season.

Top of our list is this new tomato or cranberry red, its brighter and more orangy than the past season reds and we love the glamour feeling it inspires.

Temperley London
Moreover the new 'nipped in waist' trend seen here by Temperley London and showcased by Valentino in their Summer/Spring 2013 catwalk, just sets it off brilliantly.

If red isn't your colour, try the aquatic blast of Colbalt Blue. Think Mediterranean, blue sea, blue sky - the perfect daydream on a winter's day.  It works across all shapes, so add an explosion of colour to your summer dresses and join the catwalks from Burberry to Stella McCartney.

Burberry Prorsum, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Jonathan Saunders
Watch this space as we decide which colours to add to the CarrieMe collection - which would get your vote?

Monday, 3 December 2012

CarrieMe supports Vogue's Online Fashion Week starting today...

Today marks the kick start of Online Fashion Week, Vogue's annual celebration of online shopping, something that CarrieMe fully supports.


With five days of fashion madness promoting fantastic ideas for beautiful Christmas gifts, what better day to start the week than the famous Cyber Monday.  Predictions for online shopping today on the biggest, busiest online day of the year is an estimated whopping £222,222 to be spent per minute! That's what I call impressive and perfect timing by Vogue!


Today the CarrieMe team are particularly excited about the once in a blue moon masterclass with Oxfam Fashion Patron and vintage extraordinaire William Banks-Blaney as he explains how to look flawless this festive season whilst oozing chicness - that blog post will definitely be used as a reference guide!

William Banks-Blaney

Vogue have provided exclusive daily offers, products and edits for the OFW seekers with plenty of big names, world leading fashion labels and amazing utterly luxurious handbags... and by participating in some of the competitions you could get your hands on some goodies to die for.

CarrieMe also have an exclusive offer for all your Vogue OFW shoppers, from the Glamour range which was shortlisted for Gift of the Year this year.

Head  to the website www.carrieme.co.uk for 10% off and Free P&P when you buy three bag hooks from the Glamour range - you could even get different colours and swap around with your girlfriends to match your handbags!


What we love about OFW is that Vogue team up with Oxfam's Girls Education Project and many retailers donate a percentage of sales to this important initiative, even more of an incentive to shop - of course CarrieMe is joining in, so go ahead and shop and help a good cause!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

All I want for Christmas...or even earlier!

As Christmas is under five weeks away, my Christmas wish list is in full swing here at CarrieMe HQ.

Anya Hindmarch has really understood the many different reasons we may fall in love with handbags and created her own formulae that results in true love.

At the top of the list is therefore naturally the Anya Hindmarch Tinsel Carter Clutch, beautifully elegant with a strong seasonal feeling - perfect for standing out at the office Christmas party whilst allowing the bag fill up with memories of cheer.  With tinsel, bells and glitter this bag is truly reminiscent of childhood and Christmas trees, all the joy that comes with decorating the tree in a more sophisticated and adult form, not to mention its easier to carry!

Tinsel Carter Clutch, Anya Hindmarch

As the Christmas list is increasingly growing I have decided to categorise.....  

Clutch bags are now a sub category in the handbags section (have I told you how much I love handbags...) and the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Shenandoah Luxe Clutch is high on the list competing with Anya's Tinsel, its classic elegance in gold suede, still allows you to be the main attraction, rather than your bag taking all the glory. 
Shenandoah Luxe clutch, Lauren by Ralph Lauren 

Finally in the top three contenders for the clutch to open on that special day, is another love of mine from the Anya Hindmarch collection - the Melchoir Clutch.  Shaped like a bauble that looks encrusted with gold, two shades of colour to excite your magpie side, and like the star that is followed in the traditional story, all eyes will be following you around the room with fascination and envy that is dripping with luxury.  

Melchoir Clutch, Anya Hindmarch

Now you have seen some important competitors for my Christmas list, its time for you to finish writing yours....remember leave it lying around surreptitiously under something, easy to spy, as everyone appreciates some well meaning hints, rather than rush around last minute or risk disappointment with something dreary, that your fabulous partner in all other ways might buy! 

Don't Let it rain on your parade

On this wet and windy day, don't let the weather dictate your fashion choices, instead have fun with these stylish umbrellas. Here at CarrieMe HQ we like to stand out on our commute home.

Timeless and Chic
We can't resist this Lulu Guinness' iconic Big Ben and Tower Bridge design - it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.... and as you know at CarrieMe we're just mad about London.

London Print Umbrella- Lulu Guinness 

Technological Design
For those looking for a more techy design, try the Senz Original which withstands winds of up to 70 mph - just the thing for London today, so I don't have to worry about my umbrella turning inside out and breaking.... plus the added bonus, its available in lots of colours including our favourite brand colour purple!  
Senz Original

Arty and different
Having met the 2 designers of this product, I think its fab idea for those wanting to be a bit arty and different. Try Squid London's London Skyline Squidarella, which has some nifty ink technology which activates colour on contact with water, so put a smile on everyone's face as they watch it change.  

Squid London- London Skyline Squidarella

Now that you're dry, you can turn your thoughts to the next stage - what do you do with your wet umbrella once you're on the tube or bus or need both hands for things like shopping?  I mean you don't really want to just stuff your wet umbrella into your bag and get everything wet - purse, mobile, makeup and all the other treasures we absolutely need on a daily basis.

So at CarrieMe, we decided to create the CarrieMore Clip just so that you could attach your umbrella to the outside of your bag, keeping both hands free and most importantly, everything else dry!  Go on give it a try!

CarrieMore Clip by CarrieMe

CarrieMe- CarrieMore Clip

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Will you benefit from Stella McCartney's scholarship opportunity at Central Saint Martins?

CarrieMe takes its hat off to Stella McCartney, who having just received her Honorary Fellowship from the University of Arts London, announced she will be funding a fashion scholarship for exceptional MA students at Central Saint Martins (CSM) - and as London is such a cosmopolitan city, its open to all nationalities, yeeeehhh!

Stella McCartney receiving her Honorary Fellowship from the University of Arts

As a 1995 CSM graduate, she describes her experience there as "life changing" - yet with UK university tuition fees going up dramatically, many young creative talents are unable to access it, so Stella is doing more than just talking about nurturing creative talent in Britain, she's literally putting her money where her mouth is... and is encouraging other fashion houses to do the same.

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney label
More good news - the scholarship opportunity also includes a 1 year paid placement working at the Stella McCartney House - now that really is exciting, wish I could turn the clock back and apply to CSM course next year!

Alexander McQueen
Christopher Kane
With such illustrious fellow CSM graduates as Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo and Christopher Kane, who will be the next to wow us?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Alexander McQueen launches the new Heroine handbag... and CarrieMe swoons

Ohhh the whole CarrieMe team is lusting after this new handbag - saw it at the weekend, it looks like Alexander McQueen is going to corner the market with its new timeless classic "Heroine".
Alexander McQueen "Heroine" handbag in black

Alexander McQueen Heroine in black crocodile
We love the envelope loop over the handles and the zip on the side, perfect place to place your CarrieMe finder for your mobile or keys... though the Heroine in Oxblood Suede starts at £1,345, the smart money will be on the crocodile version, a mere snip at £22,295!

Alexander McQueen Heroine in Oxblood Sued medium
Zoe Saldana with a medium-sized black Alexander McQueen Heroine

Ohhh fitting that the heroine of Avatar is spotted carrying one of the early pieces - wish I could trade places for 24 hours!

So what will Sara Burton and the company have in store for us all for Fashion Week coming in September?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pop in for POP Fashion says CarrieMe

As I had to go to Guys Hospital, I thought I'd get there early and go to one of my favourite places for inspiration...

The Shard - in dismal grey London!
No, its not the Shard (it was such a grey day, I'm looking forward to seeing what the views are like on a clear day)

... its the London Fashion and Textile Museum round the corner, of course.  They always have something exciting to see and it beats a hospital waiting room!
I wasn't disappointed - their POP Design Culture Fashion Fashion Exhibition blew me away - quite literally - you should see the flares and great skirts for the girls... secretly I'm sure it was the design of the clothes that really got the music going, as who couldn't resist such beautiful people twirling around in full knee length skirts, with the boys going for flares - honestly I'm sure that's what triggered the pop revolution!   

Ground floor ... there's more upstairs!
Its starts with a history then has two floors cleverly zoned.

I picked out this Mary Quant travel case with real fur trimming as a must have - Ryan Air customers eat your heart out this is "leisure travelling" and it doesn't get better than this!

And of course, this year all things being British, couldn't pass this stand unaffected, though even I would have trouble pulling off the Union Jack mini!

Which is your favourite piece?

... didn't want to spoil your appetite for more, so check it out before 27th October and i guarantee your Autumn will be the brighter for it!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ralph Lauren stays on top til 2017 and wow is CarrieMe glad

Who else is a fan of Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren takes a spin in the designer's circa-1948 Willys jeep
on the Double RL Ranch Colorado 2007. 
The good news for us is that he'll be staying on as CEO of his own label until 2017.... with an increase in his salary by 40% in these straightened times, to £1.1m, still paltry compared to some overpaid bankers!

So despite already being worth more than $4.3bn, he's still  motivated to make accessible the luxury fashion and culture that he definitely didn't inherit: ensuring you all can look and feel rich, however much money you have.  Pretty good showing considering he was born in 1939 with Lifshitz as his surname and grew up in the Bronx.

We're told that "replicating preppy fashions, Art Deco sophistication, and Adirondack ease isn't motivated by skepticism, and, no, he isn't driven by nostalgia either. Lauren isn't trying to live in the past. He's trying to get the past to live in the present, which takes a lot more chutzpah, because to make it work you have to get other people to sign on to your fantasies."  (Vanity Fair) 

So a modern day Walt Disney then?

"When people describe things as "very Ralph Lauren," they have in mind a world of old money and relaxed style that impresses not just because it is so beautiful but because it seems at once so familiar and so effortless." (Vanity Fair)

Not being preppy or of WASP inclination, its not that I'm out buying his clothes for me or my father much, but there is an undeniable elegance and luxury associated with the brand, from the simple dresses to the casual polo shirts that everyone in China is trying to copy.

Here are some of my favourite looks over the years, all sophisticated and sexy!
Ralph Lauren 1984

Ralph Lauren 1988

Ralph Lauren 1994

Ralph Lauren 1996

Ralph Lauren 2003

Ralph Lauren 2004
Ralph Lauren 2007
Which are your favourite Ralph Lauren looks?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Marketing Tips from CarrieMe who attended MarketingWeekLive Conference 2012

Great marketing tips from the experts at Marketing Live Week Conference held on Wednesday and yesterday at Grand Hall in Kensington Olympia, from such big names as Coca Cola, Lexus, Diageo, Nokia and more.

My favourite example was Coca Cola's latest campaign collaborating with the famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.  Designing a limited edition run of bottles this changed the perception of Diet Coke and made it a fashion statement. Was this the first time Coca Cola ever changes the look of their bottles? Hmm... Buy one exclusively at Harvey Nichols!

Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

Coca Cola' Diet and Light Coke collection by Jean Paul Gaultier

Other useful tips included:

  • Have a bold vision and high standards (Diageo)
  • Give your users what they want to know, not what you want to tell them (Lexus) 
  • When you create ideas, make sure they are sharable and scalable (Nokia)
  • In this global world, ideas need to be cross-cultural ie express and work well in different cultures (Nokia)
  • Have a neat and organised website and use multilingual payment pages (IMRG) 
  • Your customers will reward you for taking risks (Diageo)

There were also numerous stands from suppliers of Online & Data Marketing, Customers Loyalty & Motivation, and Insight so it was a busy day!

Marketing Live Conference
Kensington Olympia, London

Marketing Live Conference
Kensington Olympia, London
The event was certainly a great learning experience - with plenty of new ideas and way of using technology to help get the message direct to your customers.  Don't worry if you missed it this time, make sure you book in for next year!