Monday, 23 April 2012

Well done Anya Hindmarch, you deserve this award!

Anya Hindmarch with Ruth Rogers and Helena Morrissey

We are so proud - Anya Hindmarsh was named Business Woman of the Year at the Veuve Clicquot sponsored awards... and she's come a long way since receiving her first Gucci handbag at age 15, studying in Florence and then opening her first shop at 19 .... to now having over 200 outlets!

Anya Hindmarsh receiving the MBE in 2009

She was also honoured with an MBE from the Queen for her services to the British Fashion Industry in 2009 and two years later she became a British trade ambassador and non-executive director of the British Fashion Council.

So go for it Anya, you deserve the recognition, in fact its long overdue!

We love her new collection for Spring/Summer 2012 which show the variety of styles, sizes, colors and textures she plays with, allowing you to find the perfect bag whether for everyday or a show-stopping evening... not sure how much stock she'll have left though, these are fast moving items, go get yours quick!

Maeve Shoulder
Rubber Nevis Tri-Colour

Valorie Clutch

Beaded Marano Clutch

Spring and Summer Totes for 2012

Friday, 20 April 2012

Dior just inspires the Vintage in me!

I just can't seem to get enough vintage and Dior does it to perfection!

Their Spring Summer 2012 collection seems be to be a throwback to the 1940s and 1950s with the cinched in waist silhouette,...

Dior - 1947

Dior New Look in progress
though with a more modern twist - check out the video to be inspired to be elegant and feminine ... making every woman want to be taken out to dinner in one of these fabulous dresses!

Which are your favourite looks?

Friday, 13 April 2012

The best handbags are in London!

Did you know that it wasn't until the 1920s that handbags really came into their own.  At this time, they were a symbol for female independence - a woman with a handbag could travel without a man, carrying her own things, which was a revolutionary concept in those days... as don't forget, women used to be considered the property of men, thank goodness things have moved on!  

The Italians and French brands such as Prada, Gucci and Chanel dominated the handbags market at this time, but now, it seems its in Britain where we can find the best handbags, especially in London.

Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Lulu Guinness, Anya Hindmarsh and Burberry are leading trend setters and some of most important handbag brands around at the moment.

Lulu Guinness always plays on the fun quirkiness of being girly - we love her clutch bags, her use of recycled ideas like the old camera design and the flash sunglasses giving the bag her own personality!

These 2 examples of Anya Hindmarsh's current collection, show how she experiments with different materials and colours to create beautiful designs for different occasions... I'm definitely coveting this red bag!

But of course Burberry are queen's of the statement bag, and check out their new designs above with colour blocking.

As for Mulberry, we're loving this green pastel tote - bring on the summer it says to me!

As for McQueen, their handbags are very stylish, feminine, and chic!  This is a real knuckle duster ... and yet the designs also include these textured clutches and fold over zipped versions that look like hot pants with the fold down magnetic flaps and zippers.  Pure imagination!

So which would you pick for a night out?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Male Comedians fight back!

Yes that is correct, it may seem like female comedians are the nations favourites but the male comedians are not exactly shrinking violets either... move over Lenny Henry, Lee Evans and Steven Merchant, there are new kids on the block!

'Michael McIntyre tour' -

Michael McIntyre has risen to fame with his incredible sell out show the comedy roadshow, first broadcast in 2009, it gained 1.7 million viewers and continues to be a one of the greatest entertaining live shows in London, great for introducing new talent.
'Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow' -
Here is one of my favourite scenes from his 'comedy roadshow' program!

James Corden rose to fame, when he co-created and appeared in the hilarious Gavin and Stacey!  
James Cordern -
His West Wend debut in One Man 2 Govnors was a sell-out success (I should know as I had to queue outside the theatre from 7am one morning to get 2 of the limited release seats they release on the day, there was no other way of getting to see the big man! but I was not disappointed).... and now its having rave revues in his move to Broadway!

As for Jason Manford, who presents the 'One show', his unique sense of humour means he's someone many can relate to and he's gained a lot of fans and support from presenting his comical jokes on 'Michael McIntyre comedy roadshow' and Live at the Apollo -  - check this one out!
Jason Manford and Christine Bleakley present the 'One Show' -

Leaving the best til last of course ... there's only one comedian that every girl loves to hear...can you guess who I am talking about? Of course the one and only 'Jake Whitehall', best known for admitting that he used to play the volin rather than the drums at a young age and speaks French fluently! He has also secured a huge number of fans from performing on 'Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow'
Jake Whitehall arriving at 'Comedy Gala' -
Jake Whitehall Performing on 'Michael McIntryre Comedy Roadshow' -

So what do you think, who gets your vote?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Are you inspired by the current generation of British comedians?

Ladies, wouldn't you agree that female comedians make us smile, laugh, giggle and bring us confidence?

Well, there has been an exciting update that we would like to share with you! The 1990s comedy sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous' is returning to our screens later this year! Excited?
Absolutely Fabulous stars -
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley returns as their characters Edina and Patsy, bringing back hilarious drama, tears and laughter! 
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley -
Take a look here at a youtube clip of some of the best moments from the 1990s 'Absolutely Fabulous'!

Another one of my favourite comedians is Miranda Hart. She tackles the meaning of relationship problems, self confidence and friendship presented in a happy, positive way.
Miranda Hart -
Miranda and Tom Ellis in the sitcom ' Miranda'-
 Take a look here at some of my favourite scenes from 'Miranda'.

And the girl power continues! On to the second comedian, ladies you may have heard the term 'Am I bothered' before, yes it comes from the classic Catherine Tate who is well known for portraying multiple characters in the 'Catherine Tate show' including a stubborn yet clever school girl, a portrayal of a grandma who loves to laugh and a very hyperactive waiter!
Catherine Tate in her sitcom! -
Catherine Tate as (Nan) -

Take a look here at another one of my favourite clips of Catherine Tate with Tony Blair for ComicRelief!

Catherine Tate also made her debut as a comedian and actress in the fabulous 'Doctor Who' portraying Donna!
David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor who -
And finally another one of my favourite comedian Sarah Millican, who rose to fame with her comedy tour 'Throughly Modern Millican'. Her comedy shows are truly very funny and she certainly has a way of connecting with her audiences!

Sarah Millican, Brand  new tour -
Take a look at one of her great performances in the 'Michael McIntyre comedy roadshow' live in Manchester.

Sarah Millican at 'live at the Apollo comedy show'-
Recent research has emphasised the fact that there are not enough female comedians out there to keep the comedy shows and sitcoms running. What do you think? Did 'Absolutely Fabulous' inspire the current generation to create their own sitcoms?

Do you feel inspired by female comedians and who is your favourite?