Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chelsea Flower Show's inspiring colours

Chelsea comes alive around this time, when its the Chelsea Flower Show.  Hidden away off Sloane Square, away from the shops on the Kings Road, this oasis of creativity, colour and modernity take your breath away.  I pick out some of my favourites below .... but can't help but get complete garden envy!

A Monaco Garden - by Sarah Eberle, sponsored by Principality of Monaco

Sarah Eberle's Monaco Garden caught my eye with her virbant colours, fabulous textures and amazing shapes ... arh that turquoise plunge pool, so inviting, no wonder it got gold and best in show garden....

The Irish Sky Design - by Diarmuid Gavin, sponsored by Cork City Council

Now this one I like for its modern take. Irishman Diarmuid Gavin's daring feat of engineering, inspired by the film Avatar, is a pod 82ft off the ground, giving 6 people spectacular views of the river Thames and the 25 mini pools below, in the floating Garden of Eden.  How I wish I'd been one of the lucky few, but even from afar I can admire the stunning concept - I love the modern architecture and mix of greens and blues... and yes it got a gold medal too.

The Magistrates Garden

The Daily Telegraph Garden

A few others caught my attention included Cleve West's Libyan inspired garden which uses colour to break up the fabulous architecture; Kate Gould's celebration of 650 years of magistracy with a serene terrace full of originality, quirkiness and vibrant colours.

Chilstone's Tunbridge Wells Garden

.....and finally how could I resist the Tunbridge Wells Garden with its bright turquoise carpet ... looking like the inspiration for our latest Tropical Turquoise and Emerald Green new additions to the Classics collection - prefect for all this wonderfully summery weather. You can view the full collection at http://www.carrieme.co.uk/products.php