Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How embarrassing!

My last blog post just brought back a lot of embarrassing memories of me looking for my keys. Way before the CarrieMe key finders came along I’d been on a few dates with this guy I really liked and when he walked me back home disaster struck…. I couldn’t find my keys!! I tried reaching into my favourite huge oversized bag in the most lady like way possible a couple of times to no avail so ended up with all the contents of my bag on the floor before I finally found them.  Not the prettiest of sights.  Lets just say he didn’t ask me out again!

Another rather memorable moment was when I returned soaking wet and furious after a trip to the local Tesco’s.  It was still pouring when I returned to my car laden with shopping bags and armed with an umbrella, but as I rummaged around in my bag in vain for my keys, I let slip one side of the flimsy plastic bags, and the whole thing crashed to the floor including the yummy looking bottle of Merlot which I’d bought for a cosy dinner that evening!  Double whammy when I couldn’t find my keys, as I returned absolutely drenched and without the Merlot, I was not popular when I got home.

A friend of mine had a similar experience with the rain but I think hers trumps mine any day. She was taking a team of wealthy VIPs round a property they were interested in investing in, but unfortunately returning back to the office, she had completely buried the keys somewhere in the depths of her bag.  Frantic searching whilst trying to look calm and collected just did not work.  She ended up emptying the contents of her bag on the floor and trying to hide the most cringe worthy items left over from a heavy week of partying. How she managed to close a deal with those clients is still quite a shocker.

Let me know your embarrassing key stories!

Love Carrie xxx

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