Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Exploring Recycling in accessories as part of London's Design Festival

Recycling is definitely a big part of Art today ... so I loved the surprises I found at Walterworks' Dun Roamin's preview last night (hosted by London Design's Festival which coincides with London Fashion Week).

It featured Walter Raes' Recycled Sitting Room with armchairs made of toothpaste and more, as well as his Wearable Art collection including jackets made of turquoise bras - just the ticket for Lady Gaga, and Prince would have fitted right in!

Three fabulous bag installations/creations also caught my eye:

  • ART/bag by Debra Franses-Bean (installations set in acrylic in the shape of a bag)
  • Nahui Ollin (the original recycled bags)
  • Trashilicious (which uses unusual recycled materials to create fabulous bags)

Here are some of my favourites:
1) Leather boots as a leather jacket (Walter Raes)
2) Cocktail dress out of cable ties (Walter Raes) ... this one particularly made me laugh as I have spent the past couple of weeks grappling with cable ties to hold up the lighting at my stand at the various trade shows I have been exhibiting at recently!
3) Boris Bike as an emsemble (Walter Raes)
4) "Because I'm worth it" - having worked for L'Oreal, this line still appeals! (Debra Franses-Bean)
5) Golden Bang (Debra Franses-Bean)
6) The original recycled handbags (Nahui Ollin) - I've been an early supporter, using one of her fabulous bags as my daily laptop bag
7) Fireman hoses' bag and Tyre inner tubes (Trashilicious)
8) Seatbelt carried (Trashilicious)

Don't miss it - catch it today as its the last day: Brompton Oratory St Joseph's Hall, London SW7 5RP.

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