Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pop in for POP Fashion says CarrieMe

As I had to go to Guys Hospital, I thought I'd get there early and go to one of my favourite places for inspiration...

The Shard - in dismal grey London!
No, its not the Shard (it was such a grey day, I'm looking forward to seeing what the views are like on a clear day)

... its the London Fashion and Textile Museum round the corner, of course.  They always have something exciting to see and it beats a hospital waiting room!
I wasn't disappointed - their POP Design Culture Fashion Fashion Exhibition blew me away - quite literally - you should see the flares and great skirts for the girls... secretly I'm sure it was the design of the clothes that really got the music going, as who couldn't resist such beautiful people twirling around in full knee length skirts, with the boys going for flares - honestly I'm sure that's what triggered the pop revolution!   

Ground floor ... there's more upstairs!
Its starts with a history then has two floors cleverly zoned.

I picked out this Mary Quant travel case with real fur trimming as a must have - Ryan Air customers eat your heart out this is "leisure travelling" and it doesn't get better than this!

And of course, this year all things being British, couldn't pass this stand unaffected, though even I would have trouble pulling off the Union Jack mini!

Which is your favourite piece?

... didn't want to spoil your appetite for more, so check it out before 27th October and i guarantee your Autumn will be the brighter for it!

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