Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yippee London is THE place!

We got good news!

A TripAdvisor's recent survey of world tourists have chosen London as the world’s best destination and the No.1 place to visit.

Others in the running were New York, Paris and Rome but it feels good to have London being chosen as the best!

No big surprise as we have so many historic buildings, fantastic views, amazing parks, fabulous shopping, great nightlife and much much more... oh and the Jubilee celebrations and Olympics of course.

Our favourite include getting your historic fix at the Parliament building,

 seeing London from the air on the London Eye

getting your retail therapy fix at the Selfridges shoe gallery

and the relax and people watch in the serenity of Hyde Park

Can't say we're not proud, after all we're inspired at CarrieMe just by being in London!

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