Thursday, 22 November 2012

All I want for Christmas...or even earlier!

As Christmas is under five weeks away, my Christmas wish list is in full swing here at CarrieMe HQ.

Anya Hindmarch has really understood the many different reasons we may fall in love with handbags and created her own formulae that results in true love.

At the top of the list is therefore naturally the Anya Hindmarch Tinsel Carter Clutch, beautifully elegant with a strong seasonal feeling - perfect for standing out at the office Christmas party whilst allowing the bag fill up with memories of cheer.  With tinsel, bells and glitter this bag is truly reminiscent of childhood and Christmas trees, all the joy that comes with decorating the tree in a more sophisticated and adult form, not to mention its easier to carry!

Tinsel Carter Clutch, Anya Hindmarch

As the Christmas list is increasingly growing I have decided to categorise.....  

Clutch bags are now a sub category in the handbags section (have I told you how much I love handbags...) and the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Shenandoah Luxe Clutch is high on the list competing with Anya's Tinsel, its classic elegance in gold suede, still allows you to be the main attraction, rather than your bag taking all the glory. 
Shenandoah Luxe clutch, Lauren by Ralph Lauren 

Finally in the top three contenders for the clutch to open on that special day, is another love of mine from the Anya Hindmarch collection - the Melchoir Clutch.  Shaped like a bauble that looks encrusted with gold, two shades of colour to excite your magpie side, and like the star that is followed in the traditional story, all eyes will be following you around the room with fascination and envy that is dripping with luxury.  

Melchoir Clutch, Anya Hindmarch

Now you have seen some important competitors for my Christmas list, its time for you to finish writing yours....remember leave it lying around surreptitiously under something, easy to spy, as everyone appreciates some well meaning hints, rather than rush around last minute or risk disappointment with something dreary, that your fabulous partner in all other ways might buy! 

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