Thursday, 22 November 2012

Don't Let it rain on your parade

On this wet and windy day, don't let the weather dictate your fashion choices, instead have fun with these stylish umbrellas. Here at CarrieMe HQ we like to stand out on our commute home.

Timeless and Chic
We can't resist this Lulu Guinness' iconic Big Ben and Tower Bridge design - it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.... and as you know at CarrieMe we're just mad about London.

London Print Umbrella- Lulu Guinness 

Technological Design
For those looking for a more techy design, try the Senz Original which withstands winds of up to 70 mph - just the thing for London today, so I don't have to worry about my umbrella turning inside out and breaking.... plus the added bonus, its available in lots of colours including our favourite brand colour purple!  
Senz Original

Arty and different
Having met the 2 designers of this product, I think its fab idea for those wanting to be a bit arty and different. Try Squid London's London Skyline Squidarella, which has some nifty ink technology which activates colour on contact with water, so put a smile on everyone's face as they watch it change.  

Squid London- London Skyline Squidarella

Now that you're dry, you can turn your thoughts to the next stage - what do you do with your wet umbrella once you're on the tube or bus or need both hands for things like shopping?  I mean you don't really want to just stuff your wet umbrella into your bag and get everything wet - purse, mobile, makeup and all the other treasures we absolutely need on a daily basis.

So at CarrieMe, we decided to create the CarrieMore Clip just so that you could attach your umbrella to the outside of your bag, keeping both hands free and most importantly, everything else dry!  Go on give it a try!

CarrieMore Clip by CarrieMe

CarrieMe- CarrieMore Clip

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