Monday, 17 December 2012

Photographing the new CarrieMe Sensory Artists Collection

The new CarrieMe Sensory Artist Collection is launching soon .... fusing fashion with art, CarrieMe are breaking new boundaries in the accessories market, transforming original art forms into collectable items and allowing you to carry a piece of original art with you wherever you go.

Working with two emerging artists, David Charles Williams and Darren MacPherson, CarrieMe have developed a Collection of original, hand painted bag hooks and finders, meaning that no two products will be the same: originality and functionality have created something beautifully useful indeed.

Today was the photoshoot at IceTank Studio. Lovely and local in Tottenham Court Road it was a fun but busy day getting all the product lined up and looking beautiful for the camera.

Chris our photographer was a star, working swiftly and producing gorgeous shots - can't wait to see them live on the website ....oh and we'll be posting some to Facebook too on our launch day!  So watch this space for the new CarrieMe Sensory Artist Collection!

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