Friday, 14 December 2012

What will you be wearing next season?

We've reviewed the fabulous colours that will be coming up next Spring and Summer, but what textures or materials will we be wearing?  After the aggressive studs this year, we're hoping for something soft and light.

Versace's on trend Colbalt blue dress, is all about the black lace detail. Intricate and delicate yet adding a touch of high fashion, it's perfect for the hot summer evening,  So show your sassy side, and strut the dance floor with attitude.


After a night out, take a more demure, lacey look in  Valentino's white lace dress - perfect for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. We love the vintage yet chic feel. The light weight lace, is perfect for the warm summer days.


If you are looking for that extra va va voom, look no further than the flamenco inspired ruffles on velvet show cased by Balenciaga. The extra movement created, will ensure you will be adding that extra bounce to your Salsa steps. We love how the tropic inspired pink pops against the black peplum ruffle construction.

Here, at CarrieMe, we definitely want to be showered with floaty emerald tones. We chose Gucci as our top pick. The emerald green in line with the 1970's inspired ruffles, created the perfect feminine look. The ruffles added depth  and texture to the straight flowing dress -  what more could we ask for?


What will you be picking next season? We would love to know your fashion must haves for next season.

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