Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CarrieMe picks their favourite brands exhibiting at Pure 2013

The CarrieMe team just made it to Pure in Olympia today, which was full of the new season's collections for the Spring/Summer 2013 as well as forward planning for Autumn/Winter 2014.

Pure held at Olympia, London

As usual, its always difficult to choose just a few brands, so we decided to double up and highlight in two different blog postings our favourites... looks like Carrie is lusting after handbags as she couldn't choose anything else!

Makki showcasing its new SS13 Collection

First up is Makki, a 10 year old brand that designs luxurious handbags that are responsibly made from eel skin, which is a by product of the food industry in South Korea.  Worn by the Duchess of Cambridge as well as other celebrities, Makki's new colourful collections include wonderful fuschias and purple clutches, just visible here.

Paperthinks colourful shoppers
Still on the recycling trail, Paperthinks is a new company using 100% recycled leather for its shoppers and accessories and at least 50% recycled paper.  The leather feels soft and durable but still light and flexible and of course, with an offering of 24 colours, Paperthinks is definitely in tune with the CarrieMe ethos of lots of colour.

ShuSac's colourful SS13 Collection:
Last up is ShuSac - a new company looking to find a home for those towering high heels that we ladies love to wear but can't really walk any distance in!  Designed with 2 different compartments, one for each shoe, it ensures these statement shoes don't get scuffed in your bag when you switch to flats and you get to choose from a myriad of colours.

So what will be your favourite in the shops this Spring?

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