Friday, 15 February 2013

Yellow takes the lead and CarrieMe joins in with Bag Hooks and Finders!


The weather may be cold but yellow is so HOT right now, CarrieMe can't agree more! One of Spring 2013's biggest fashion trends is yellow, yellow dresses, yellow trousers, yellow jackets, yellow skirts and yellow CarrieMe's of course!

Style Bistro 

Colours come and go with the seasons, but yellow is an exciting colour to be back... reminiscent of sunshine and daffodils, it's such a happy colour.  A perfect one to wear as the new year gets into full swing.  

Match your outfit, or dip a toe if you're not feeling brave enough to go the whole hog, by adding a splash of ontrend colour with the CarrieMe Classic Heart or Classic Round in Amber Gold Bag Hook or Finder.
CarrieMe Classic Heart Bag Hook in Amber Gold
The CarrieMe Classic Heart Bag Hook, combines beauty with practicality, to keep your handbag secure whilst looking fabulously stylish and on trend.  Just hang your handbag from any table with it and you'll never have to worry or put your handbag on a grubby floor again!

CarrieMe Classic Finder in Amber Gold

CarrieMe Classic Finder in Amber Gold

This CarrieMe Classic Finder will ensure you won't waste any more time rummaging through your bag looking for your keys or phone again, whilst instantly updating any handbag to the latest colour trend.  Simply attach your keys or mobile to the CarrieMe Finder, zip up your bag and hey presto, you won't miss another call, or be freezing in the snow while looking for your keys!

... and if yellow just isn't your colour, take a look at our colourful collection of more than a dozen colours, as we follow the catwalk colours as much as you do!

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