Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The CarrieMe Finder can help organise our crazy Christmas schedules!

The countdown to Christmas is on! This busy period provides us with a never-ending list of shopping trips, parties, dinners, lunches and so forth, while balancing day to day work. To ensure we stay calm, collected, organised and of course stylish, we plan to use the CarrieMe Finder.

Glamour Heart Finders 
 But what exactly is the CarrieMe Finder? This compact accessory designed as a beautiful bag charm, not only looks good, but provides security while out and about in our busy daily lives.
This slick accessory is easily attached to your mobile phone using the lanyard provided, either to the phone itself or to the phone case.  You hook the pretty shape over the outside of your bag and your phone will slide into the inside of your bag and stay hidden inside the bag out of pick picketers’ sight.  Don't forget to zip up your handbag though as living in London, we want to enjoy the cosmopolitan life without worrying about crime!
Classic Heart Finder & Round Finder
Quickly access your phone, and never miss a call again ...or an important Facebook or Twitter update ... and keep your phone handy to take pictures for Instagram updates with the Finder. Save valuable shopping time for those all-important Christmas presents!

Do you or do you know someone who rummages around trying to find their mobile? Why not give them a CarrieMe Finder, a thoughtful and useful gift to organise a fashion-conscious lady.... know several friends who could do with one, well why not take advantage of CarrieMe's current offer of 15% off when purchasing four!

The CarrieMe Finders are available in practically every colour possible, so check out to find your favourite, maybe one to match your new Winter wardrobe, or why not collect a couple - with all those glitzy occasions coming up, it’s the perfect excuse to purchase one for the evening and one for day! With the Finder, a touch of colour or sparkle is instantly added to your outfit.
Gift Wrapped Heart Finder

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