Monday, 4 November 2013

The CarrieMe Finder for Cameras!

A luxury fashion accessory, designed to help locate your camera quickly in your handbag. The CarrieMe Finder is an accessory offering style and a security conscious solution; the camera is attached to the clip hidden deep inside the bag, and the charm slips over the outside of the bag, accessorising the bag. Once the handbag is zipped up it is essentially impossible to pull the CarrieMe Finder out of the bag, ensuring maximum security for our valuable and cherished cameras.
Maybe you work in the fashion or photography field or know someone who does? The CarrieMe Finder is a fantastically useful gift for Fashion Bloggers. The camera is an essential piece of equipment for any Fashion blogger to create beautiful content while travelling and working on the road - taking photography of various designs. Bloggers need to have cameras to hand at all times.
Blogger and CarrieMe Fusion Finder
The Finder acts as a visual reminder of where our camera is, available in eye-catching, catwalk-inspired colours, there’s no chance of us losing sight of it. Spruce up your camera with a fashionable Finder. There's something about giving gifts which are personalised to express the wearer’s personality that we appreciated the most!
Blogger and CarrieMe silver heart finder
Of course, the CarrieMe Finder isn’t exclusive to professional photographers or fashion bloggers, I don't know many girls who aren't obsessed with taking oodles of pictures for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  For those looking to invest in a good quality camera for festive season, this is a good time to purchase. With many potential photo opportunities over the next few months, you’re sure to get plenty of mileage from your shiny new camera. 
For something a little less predictable, look at vintage and retro inspired style cameras in unusual quirky colours, this look has recently made a huge comeback in the fashion circle. For inspiration check out our Pinterest page, which also importantly shows how to accessorise your camera with the CarrieMe Finder :).
To purchase the CarrieMe Finder, visit Stay snap happy this festive season!

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