Tuesday, 10 December 2013

'Art we Heart'

Like Oscar Wilde quoted “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”, being such art lovers at CarrieMe, we decided to collaborate with a contemporary artist in order to create limited addition accessory’s which fuse art with fashion. A unique concept that allows us to take art off the walls and carry it with us.
And so, hand painted bag hooks, and key/mobile Finders were created by London based artist’ Darren MacPherson. Darren’s ‘Fusion’ collection is full of colour. Individually hand-painted layers of vibrant splattering colours in acrylic and spray paint create an unique graffiti like texture that is bold and playful. No two pieces are the same, making these pieces an extra special gift for art and fashion lovers.

Darren MacPherson 'Autumn Sakura' painting
These visually engaging accessories are great statement pieces to express a confident personality. Not only appealing to the eye, you could say these mini master-pieces also help ‘master-our-pieces’ by keeping our valuables safe while out and about. They are beautifully useful! Each piece comes in a smart black gift box signed by the Artist.

CarrieMe 'Fusion' gift set in Purple
'Fusion' Heart Finder in Red

Wearable contemporary art is trending across the fashion and accessory industry at the moment. For example artist Delano Brown known as an ‘Art-repreneur’ began as a tattoo artist then moved onto garments, taking fashion pieces from Balenciaga and Givenchy and adding his signature hand-painted oversized flowers. His lively, luxury pieces have recently been commissioned for various celebrities.
Delano Brown - wearable art
Looking for some cool contemporary art, or to purchase a collectable piece from our Limited edition artist ranges? Be sure to check out our Pinterest page for inspiration.
For further information on our fantastic collaboration artist Darren MacPherson, click here - 'Facebook'

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