Tuesday, 3 December 2013

CarrieMe travels to Morocco with the Snowball bag hook!

With snow on the horizon, CarrieMe decided to make a final run for some sun before winter truly sets in! CarrieMe travelled to Marrakech last week - the hustling, bustling, vibrant city of Morocco.
The hotel riad which we stayed at was located in the old part of Marrakech, full of cool architectural buildings and traditional customs such as souks, horse and cart riding, music and other entertainment. The old city featured lots of character and colour. Our hotel was tucked away within a maze of intertwining narrow passageways.
Of course we made sure to travel in true CarrieMe style, with the Snowball bag hook! This bag hook came in very handy while in the hotel -see picture below, and while out and about. This suede and leather leopard print backpack was purchased while bartering in one of the local Marrakech markets, but you can buy a similar style from here.

CarrieMe 'Snowball Bag Hook' travels to Marrakech
CarrieMe took part in a camel trek through the Sahara desert which was a fun experience. Although sleeping under the stars in the Sahara desert, with only a tent and campfire for company was definitely the one place our CarrieMe bag hook was not needed on this trip!
On route to trekking in the Sahara we visited 'Ouarzazate' a small city in South Morocco. This peaceful place where the desert begins has a trail of impressive views of rich colours and ancient houses which have no electricity or running water. Ouarzazate is very hot in the summer around 50 degrees average, and very cold in the winter with snow sweeping down from the High Atlas mountain, we’re glad we got it just right visiting mid-seasons! We were led through a dusty trial of bewildering buildings, and what seemed like secret passageways - where episodes of the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ were set, along with films ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Babel’.

On the last few days of the holiday we discovered a charming little chill out café come bar called ‘Momo Afrika’ in the new city, Gueliz. Momo Afrika served great tasty food - A mixture of Moroccan and Southern American. We would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area! Can you spot the CarrieMe Snowball @Momo Afrika?

'Momo Afrika' Café/Bar


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