Thursday, 14 June 2012

Be inspired by the top designers from 2012 London Jewellery Show

Somerset House hosted the London Jewellery Show 2012 and it was just fab!  We saw new innovative jewellery brands as well as the traditional big names - here are some to watch out for:

1) Pomegranate - for those beautiful earrings. The brand was created by a couple  in 2009, inspired by tribal and ancient jewellery forms and hand made in India, Thailand and Turkey with stones sourced from all over the world. 
Pomegranate earrings

2) Kastur Jewels - for its wonderfully intricate bracelet design.  Each piece has its own secret and story and we really liked that! Grand designs with subtle, regal adornment in an unassuming manner.

Kastur bracelets

3) Monte Jewellery - for their leather-fish, bright colour bracelets and the golden bracelets. All the prodcuts are hand made and the inspiration comes from ancient jewellery.

Golden bracelet

Fish leather bracelets
4) Jersey Pearl - for their colourful bracelets with leather and pearl.  Jersey Pearl is one of the only brands that focuses on delivering new award winning Designer Collections with pearls as the centre piece.
Colourful bracelets
5) Sushilla Jewelleries - we love these rings: elegant and trendy handmade jewellery in silver and gold, set with semi precious stones.

Sushilla Jewelleries
6) Glam Rock watches - Big, cool and sporty yet elegant watches in black, silver and bronze. I guess the trend is going towards big watches this season!

Glam Rock watches

7) Jianhui London - something quite different: love this innovative and versatile wooden pashmina necklace - originally from a rural area in China, Jianhui uses recycled wood to make long strands of different colour wave necklaces using only environmentally friendly dye.

Jianhui London


8) Hoxton - simple and chic designer cufflinks, bracelets, and necklaces
Hoxton Jewelleries


In addition to the Jewellery Exhibition, there was a jewellery and fashion catwalk show and this (below) is my favourtite outfit from all - kind of reminds of Alexander McQueen's designs. Love the colour as well - I guess orange is the season's colour - just the colour CarrieMe will be introducing this autumn too!
A model with an orange dress at a catwalk for The Jewellery Show  2012


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