Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Loving...Shorts!

Summer is finally here, well not yet in England, but the holiday is booked and extra sun cream is on the list and I just can't wait!

But did you know that patterned shorts are back in for this summer and are a must have in your suitcase.... 

Some of my favourite colours for patterns this season are: 
Tangerine Tango, an enticing juicy orange providing a jolt of energy
Ornamental Purple Scintillating and sexy an excellent choice for summer clothing
Light Lime, lifts spirits with its refreshing and stimulating glow.
Sky Blue brings order and calmness to mind.

Check out Aimee Song's style:

and for those that don't do patterns, how about these that wouldn't make you blush going to your in-laws?  Was Chloe's inspiration vintage bloomers I wonder?
 And of course you definitely need some to party on the beach on - so how about these from Halston?
Halston Heritage

Have you got your styled shorts this summer? 
Why don't you share your favourite designer must have here?

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