Thursday, 7 June 2012

Our best memories from London's Jubilee Celebrations

Wow - the Brits really know how to throw a party with the 4 day extravaganza in London.  The Diamond Jubilee definitely lived up to its hype and we were all thrilled to be part of such a historic event and documenting it with our own photos.

Carrie was in Kingston on Saturday, joining the Trowlock Island Armada on the Thames with friends:
Start of the Trowlock Island Armada
Mario the skipper

Carrie - feeling patriotic with the flag
The Queen joins for the Garden Party afterwards
Eleonore meanwhile was mixing with real royalty at the Big Jubilee Lunch organized by Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly - she was lucky enough to spot Prince Charles really close up and here's the photo to prove it ... as she'd managed to wrangle her way into the papparazi pen!
Prince Charles
Prince Charles, Camilla, face painted boy with his proud mom. 

Carrie went to a few street parties and ate far too many delicious cocktail sausages and cake:
 Street Party outside the Churchill Arms

Street Party in the rain in Perrymead Street, Fulham

Eleonore made it to the Diamond Jubilee Concert, standing room only in the Mall, with a quarter of a million others! Everyone was really friendly and those around her felt so proud to be British.  

When the Queen arrived, an hour into the Concert, she was surprised that those around her started singing a spontaneous and beautiful "God Save the Queen" - a really moving moment.  All the acts were great, especially Madness on the roof with their amazing dressing of Buckingham Palace, but really it was the three legendary musicians: Sir Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder that got the crowd going, singing the old favourites. Its probably the last time these greats will all share the same stage - what an honour to see them in the open air in such a setting!   

Fireworks in The Mall

Elton John

Stevie Wonder

Sir Paul McCartney

This is definitely a historic event to remember - we'll all be telling our children and grandchildren what an amazing spectacle it was and what a great high we got from being there! 

And what about you, what are you favourite moments from the Jubilee? 

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