Thursday, 28 November 2013

Funky and fun fur from Fendi. Retro faux fur from Anna Sui, Glam rock fur from Diane Von Furstenburg. Blushing baby pink fur from Saint Laurent…. Fake to real, fur reigned throughout Fashion Week Fall collections! From faux fur lapels for a subtle touch of the trend to full length furry coats. We saw Fendi feature bold and punky striped real fur coats, with fun furry handbag accessories. These colourful pieces are a cool, modern take on the classic fur trend. But at CarrieMe we’re all for fake, faux, or teddy bear! Luxurious, yet warm and practical, faux fur is becoming a classic winter staple.
'DVF', 'CarrieMe Snowball' bag charm, 'Anna Sui' Fake fur
Oooh the best part about Fall has to be the fashion! Why not update your handbag this season, an easy and subtle way to stay on trend using accessories, rather than investing in a full-on fluffy coat? Look to the Snowball from CarrieMe - this super-soft plush bag charm will not only update your bag but also doubles up as a bag hook. The bag hook is perfect for keeping our precious handbag and winter essentials safe while out and about this festive season. Too see more information on how the CarrieMe bag hook works, check it out on our website or Facebook!
'Fendi' Fall 2013/14 and the 'CarrieMe Snowball'
'Saint Laurent' Fall 2013 and the 'CarrieMe Snowball' in Winter white and Ebony black.

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