Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Its been a rollercoaster few months in the UK...

Eyes only for each other: Prince William and Kate Middleton's fairy tale wedding
Privacy is invaded, tabloid finally gets the boot - a stark warning to others

Warzone in London - burning and looting take over

Finally some good news: England become world's No 1 team 

Us Brits are usually very patriotic, however so far 2011 has been a rollercoaster ride for us.

When the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place the whole world adored Britain and we loved every minute of it and were proud to be British.  Let’s face it no one does royal weddings like us. 

However, swiftly after two appalling events shocked our island: the hacking scandal that took the News of the World under and recent riots across Britain that caused outrage.  With journalists invading people's privacy and our streets burning with looters tearing up the streets, the sick British underbelly was shown to the world.  

Our nation's reputation plummeted - it felt unreal to be in a third world country rather than the civilised life we thought we had, as one of the oldest democracies and a member of the G8.... and the nation that is hosting the 2012 Olympics next year. 

After such hooliganism, what should come to the rescue but civilised cricket of course, where England  became the world’s number one test playing nation after demolishing India, the former number one team. Congratulations England! Hopefully this will lift this nation's spirit (nevermind that few nations play, as one of my Spanish friends at the weekend pointed out...they just don't understand its underlying passion)

Cricket commands respect and that there's a gentleman's conduct and innate elegance in their all white uniform that is never flouted.  Now obviously being a brand full of colour and elegance, I would love to bring a bit of colour to the game, but being a good looking team, at least there's always the distraction of some great eye candy between overs!

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