Sunday, 28 August 2011

Notting Hill Carnival hits the spot

As a local, it’d be positively rude not to join in the fun at the Notting Hill Carnival.  There’s nothing like it to get you into the dancing vibe.  Despite lots of police (we're lucky it still went ahead after the riots) and some of my friends crying off, I braved it today with a few courageous friends and enjoyed being one in a million, as crowds descended on Notting Hill to get that great positive feeling.

After checking out the floats and following some in their wake shakin’ our stuff on Westbourne Grove and Ladbroke Grove, it was time for lunch, for me it had to be jerk chicken of course!  

Feeling like we needed to work off our lunch, we joined the revelers at different impromptu dance parties that sprang up on the side roads, getting refreshed along the way from enterprising locals.

...  though got property envy, or rather party envy, as I would have been happy to join the ledge/ balcony parties!

…. and as for fashion, well its festival gear all the way, and you can tell a lot about some of the girls just from their footwear: with the pessimists in wellies and the dreamers in 4 inch heels…. I was somewhere in between! 

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