Friday, 18 January 2013

CarrieMe has some fishy fun!

The London Sea Life Aquarium's Deep Clean has inspired CarrieMe to visit the underwater world of beauty...

Every January the main attraction gets a good scrub down... as do the animals!

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Its been a good few years since any of the CarrieMe team have been to the aquarium but all have fond memories and think its due another visit and soon so we thought we would share are plans with you London visitors!

Shark Reef Encounter is one of the new attractions and we are SO there! The London Sea Life Aquarium have described the new experience as a "celebration of one of nature’s most magnificent but misunderstood creatures, guests start their journey with a walk on the wild side across the new, extended Shark walk".  

Being able to see sixteen sharks on a glass walkway may not be a typical afternoon but January is all about doing new things be it with friends or family. Fun for all! 

With feeding times for rays, catfish, terrapins, sharks and coral reef we will be pulling straws on which one to book in for! London is perfect for doing fun things like this and we are so lucky to leave here! 

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