Friday, 4 January 2013

CarrieMe meets Michaela Jedinak, author of styling ebook and website Joy of Clothes

If there's one New Year's resolution I should add for 2013 its how to dress more stylishly without breaking the bank or taking up too much of my ever more precious time .. as luck would have it I met the bubbly Michaela Jedinak- who's written this wonderful ebook and styling website: Joy of Clothes - just in time to take advantage of the Sales!

1)      What was the inspiration for Joy Of Clothes? 

I was living for a couple of years in Milan - I always had a deep love affair  for all things Italian and during my time there I became obsessed with how Italian women are effortlessly and elegantly dressed and that their style and dressing right had nothing to do with wearing big labels. I recognised that with an increasingly overwhelming choice of clothes, designers and stores finding the clothes that suit you can be more stressful than joyful. I believe every woman is different and her own personal style DNA and therefore needs individual, personalised advice how to create visual balance.   

2)      What are the faux pas that most of us women commit?

We just can’t wear what we want in order to look our best. Dressing right is all about creating visual balance in your look. When it comes to looking good, it’s not your size or shape that matters, it’s the fit of your clothes. But fit doesn’t equal suitability.  So, wearing the right clothes shouldn’t be about following the latest fashion trends; it should be about choosing what actually suits you. As I said before we are all different in our build, colouring, personalities and life style.  Dressing in what really suits you will make you feel confident about your look, because you are comfortable in what you are wearing and focus on enjoying yourself, rather fretting if the outfit looks good on you.  You can find plenty of style tips in my e-book: Style Me, your personal stylist. 

3)      How does Joy of Clothes change that?

I have always been passionate about giving women the relevant advice and the tools to dress themselves in the best way. Now, with the help of my website and interactive tools, I can bring my skills and experience to a broader audience, and empower women everywhere with the expert know-how they require to dress with complete confidence for every occasion. 

One of our interactive tools is STYLE ME an exclusive fashion software that enables you to build your own avatar based on your body shape and colouring, you can then "virtually try on" thousands of recommended styles and colours before clicking to buy similar styles online. 

The other one is our new online fashion STYLE QUIZ which asks women sixteen questions about their style personality, preferences, celebrities and body features. Joy of Clothes then prepares a personal style file including advice on what to wear for their body shape, which colours looks best on them, which celebrities share their body shape and personal colouring, and finally personal stylist picks from top retailers including Net-a-Porter, L.K.Bennett, Top Shop and ASOS. These stylist picks are updated every week so women never need to shop alone. These rules apply to everyone no matter what age, life style, work or play or budget.  

4)      Which CarrieMe products would you pick as a stylist? 

I am juggling a lot of things, so being organised as much as I can helps me to get things done. So, therefore my top 3 are:

1. CarrieMe Classic Finder in Tropical Turquoise
I don't like to carry 2 bags with me, because I am constantly living in the fear of leaving one behind. Therefore I always I wear a big carrier shoulder bag - the drawback is that I never can find my phone or keys in my bag.  So this CarrieMe Finder is a life saver for me, because everything is at its place. I chose turquoise, because it reminds me of warm getaway holidays and that gives me always a little lift.
CarrieMe Classic Finder in Tropical Turquoise

CarrieMe Classic Finder in Tropical Turquoise
2.  CarrieMe Classic Bag Hook in Cranberry Red
I love my shoulder bags and they are very important to me, because they carry everything what I need to do my work.  So, I really don't like to put them on the floor where they can get damaged, dirty and where I run the risk of loosing things as well being mugged.  The CarrieMe Bag Hook avoids all of these things. It keeps my bag save, clean and clearly in my view.  I picked the colour red for red alert so that I am not running the risk leaving with out my bag.

CarrieMe Classic Bag Hook in Cranberry Red
CarrieMe Classic Bag Hook in Cranberry Red

3. CarrieMore Clip
Another genius idea. I can't even count how many gloves and umbrella I lost and left behind. No more - this clip keeps gloves and umbrella at its place.  
CarrieMore Clip in Silver

CarrieMore Clip with umbrella

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