Tuesday, 15 January 2013

CarrieMe picks a few more brands they couldn't resist at Top Drawer

One blog posting just didn't do it justice, so we couldn't resist picking four more!

Pets Rock at Takkoda
Award winning publishing and giftware company, Takkoda is very well known for its broad range of designs that combine the need for personalisation with an animalist twist that entwines with the fascination of the celebrity.  Products that allow our everyday needs for protection and functionality to become hilarious, automatic smiles, not to mention the extensive range of gift cards that can be given for any occasion – versatile or what!  

Bowl Overs
These products represent the height of simplicity.  Reusable bowl covers that fit nicely around your leftovers, pies, salads in the garden – or anything that needs to be covered! Clingfilm move over- Bowl Overs are in.  With quirky printed writing on top for a little bit of fridge fun, then can be washed in with the tea towels Bowl Overs are fabulous, just fabulous!

All the pretty products by Snapdragon are handmade in Scotland from vintage and recycled fabric that are homely to touch with lovely soft texture and simply pretty.  After speaking with the owner of the company she said her favourite product was the Seed Head Pillow, and you can see why – its comfort and calming imagery make you want to relax!

Strawberry Shopper
This growing company is run by two lovely ladies that wanted to create a bag in which all of life's purchases can be carried – then folded up into a strawberry.  Being eco IS fun! Fits in your handbag and is easy to use with  a simple design.  To glam up your Strawberry Shopper why not take it to Wimbledon in the summer to put some strawberries in?!

Let us know if you agree!

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