Friday, 4 January 2013

CarrieMe - New Year....New You?

Here at CarrieMe, we would like to wish you a very joy-filled New Year - may 2013 be your year to accomplish whatever you set out to do!

New Year's Fireworks
I always love the big bang of London's amazing fireworks, it makes me think about a fresh start....and goals for 2013 - being even bigger and better than last year!

New Year's Resolutions to be made!

According to the Independent, Britain's Top Five popular resolutions of 2013 are:
1. Save more money
2. Get out of debt
3. Get fit
4. Change career
5. Quit smoking

The first 3 are relevant to most of us, but I know that I can only survive the gym with a gym buddy, so any volunteers?

My other 2 goals are:

1) Mindfulness and contentment - running a business can be all consuming, with work/life balance going out the window, so this year, I plan to give myself time out each month to just be, catch up on the vibes and de-stress

2) Global expansion - CarrieMe is now stocked in over 120 shops across the UK and a few in Europe and has been shortlisted for gift of the year twice in a row, so our goal for 2013 is global domination of course and in concrete terms to reach 200 stockists and export to more countries!

So which are your New Year's resolutions  or goals for 2013, let us know!

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