Wednesday, 6 November 2013

CarrieMe have Christmas all 'wrapped' up

Wrapping gifts can be just as fun as ripping them apart! Rather than using traditional Christmas paper, why not try something a little different this year?
Being a gift brand, CarrieMe especially appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift and get excited when seeing pretty packages which are personalised to ‘us’. Small personal touches make the wrapping as memorable as the gift inside.

You don't have to spend plenty of money on materials either, get great-looking presents with things you probably already have on hand. To make sure your presents stand out under any tree, CarrieMe ‘present’ alternative and creative gift wrapping ideas for the festive season with a luxury fashion and accessory twist.
First up we’re swapping paper for fabric, using on-trend tartan, accessorised with vintage bowties in replace of ribbon. This idea is sourced from use leftover wool tartan for a warm, 'Christmassy' feel. Do you have spare / off cuts of fabric lying about? This is a great way to recycle unused and unwanted materials.
Tartan Gift Wrap
Second up, we discovered ‘A gift wrapped Life’ on BlogSpot featuring a look book of fashion inspired gift wrap. We like this ‘Paris Fashion’ themed parcel. Bright, pretty, and textured, take care not to rip this one when opening the present! Keep it rather than throwing the paper away. With a design like this we can re-use for framing or for scrap book/photo album type projects. Who else is guilty of throwing a mountain of wrapping paper in the bin on Boxing Day?
DIY Paris Fashion Gift Wrap
Know someone with a theatrical fashion palette? Try one with a ‘Tudor theme’ in classic gold and brown colours. Print off a chosen image from online, or from a glossy magazine and stick onto plain paper, tie a thick ribbon around, adorn with a gem or two and voila! Use vintage style jewellery, or maybe get some use out of a broken piece of jewellery you have lying around which you can up cycle?
Tudor Fashion Gift Wrap

Put to use those fashion magazines you keep as ‘reference materials’ to completely wrap a parcel, the heavy weight glossy paper is perfect for creating 3d shapes like the bow on this one below. If you’re into art check out 'Wrap' a publication that bridges the gap between being a magazine and a product; made up of pull out illustrations, produced by Polly who previously designed jewellery Cath Kidston and Ted Baker.

Our final favourite to create is fun, effortless – to – make, and sure to stand out. Just wrap a selection of vibrant rainbow bright yarns, around a plain box and secure with a knot in the centre! This reminds me of the friendship bracelets I used to make as a child...
Too busy or just too lazy to make your own paper? Try this cute felt Pom Pom wrapping paper from Anthropology.

If you had a present under the tree wrapped in each of these styles, which one would you be most excited to open?

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