Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Isabella Blow Exhibition & Amazing Millinery

This week at CarrieMe we're dedicating our ‘Wednesday Wish List’ to amazing millinery in honour of the 'Isabella Blow Exhibition' @Somerset House, London.
Isabella Blow was an all-round fashion legend with thirty years in the industry, beginning her career as Anna Wintour’s assistant at US Vogue. Isabella was a Muse, Stylist, Editor, Talent scout, Mentor. She had an eccentric character, with a bright personality.
We respect her for discovering and launching the careers of many elite designers, including the superlative - Alexander McQueen, she bought McQueen’s first entire collection - one item a month, paying him £100 a week! And of course she discovered extraordinary hat designer Philip Treacy.
CarrieMe just love hats! Different hats provides us with a new identity, are a channel to express our personality, can give us confidence, can be worn as armour, a way to hide our face from the world, or as an expression of love.
Isabella and CarrieMe’s favourite hat designer Philip, became great friends on a personal level as well as working together professionally. Blow established Treacy from her London flat, where he designed dreamy hat collections, and she was a muse to him, incorporating Treacy's hats as part of her signature flamboyant style.  They were a match made in heaven!

Isabella wearing Philip Treacy
Isabella introduced Phillip to many industry insiders, which had a profound impact on his success. These days CarrieMe see his creations everywhere, from the controversial Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kate Moss… He made a mammoth 36 hats for the 2011 royal wedding.
An impressive sixty Philips Treacy hats which belonged to Isabella will be on show at Somerset house. We also predict some fascinating fascinators in this collection. CarrieMe cannot wait to have a peek.  Mannequins will be dressed in outfits as worn by Blow. Recreating her signature silhouette consisting of a McQueen outfit, Phillip Treacy hat and Manolo Blahnik shoes.
The exhibition will showcase over one hundred pieces from Isabella, wow! A stunning collection of bespoke, collectors’ item pieces which will no doubt make people look in awe. A must-see event for fashion fanatics, full of colour, glitz and drama. An opportunity for us to celebrate a wonderful woman that inspired and shaped our 2oth century fashion industry.
To celebrate the Somerset Exhibiton, CarrieMe have created a pinboard of our favourite ‘hat couture’. Check it out here -

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