Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The 'CarrieMore Clip' for our arm candy!

This week we’re lusting after gorgeous gloves, and so should you! Get them before the snow comes, and before all the best ones sell out for Christmas.

Finally, gloves in the fashion world have made a big comeback this year, and we couldn’t be happier! Autumn/Winter 2013-14 designer collections showcased some beautiful gloves, most notably long, elbow length opera-like designs.

Many styles were purely for show, providing no warmth or waterproof factors though! Such as Chanel who featured a dressy pair of thin mesh type material gloves, and fingerless gloves with a smattering of studs and embellishment. Very biker chic! Talking of fingerless gloves, what about finger-gloves? We saw this different look at Alexander McQueen. These pearl encrusted gloves may look pretty but just aren’t practical enough for us!

Chanel gloves for Fall 2013-14
Designs which were stylish and warm were from Oscar De LaRenta – long leather styles in lovely jewel tones like emerald green and violet.
Oscar De La Renta gloves for Fall 2013
Celebrities love the glove-comeback too, recently Rihanna modelled a pair of racy Marc Jacobs leather fish net gloves, an equally erotic advert of Winona Rider has surfaced with her modelling a shiny patent leather of gloves for Michael Kors Fall 2013.
Rihanna for Marc Jacobs and Winona Rider for Michael Kors Fall 2013

Oooh which ones will CarrieMe choose this winter? What type of glove girl are you? Are you a classic black leather type or one who like to experiment with colour and texture?
Make sure to keep your favourite pair close by and at easy reach for when the weather is turns chilly! The problem is we carry loads of things around in our bags– extra layers to add or take off while out and about, a hat, scarf, umbrella, and so on… We definitely don’t want to be rummaging around in our bag for our luscious new pair of gloves we’ve just invested in! Do you agree? If so, the CarrieMore Clip is the solution - through creating more space inside the bag.
CarrieMore Clip
This handy little accessory is oh-so easy to use. By attaching the Clip chain around the outside handbag strap, and simply clipping our gloves to the accessory, keeping them secure, safe, and not overstuffing your bag. Ingenious! The CarrieMore clip also benefits us from keeping our bag contents dry, when we’re out in the rain and snow we don’t want to our gloves back inside our bag and ruin anything.

A simple, elegant little pocket sized design, this accessory is not clumsy or fussy. Created from a strong quality chrome-plated metal with a matt aluminium finish centre, coming in silver or bright pink!
Why not treat yourself to a CarrieMore clip this Christmas? Were sure your gorgeous new gloves will appreciate it. Each CarrieMore Clip comes in a black velvet drawstring pouch within a Gift Box and instructions.

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